The Benefits of Fake Grass at a Commercial Property

A well maintained and manicured landscape on your commercial property creates an inviting aesthetic that welcomes your clients to your place of business. When maintained properly, natural grass can be a beautiful thing and grass can cover large outdoor areas easily, but sometimes heavy foot traffic or goals to reduce consumption at your commercial property can turn that beauty into more of a hassle. You can instead get the same look with fake grass with much less trouble.

7 Benefits of Fake Grass for Commercial Properties

1. No mowing necessary

Fake grass, or artificial turf, does not grow, therefore it does not need to be mowed. Eliminating mowing from your weekly or bi-weekly maintenance expenses will save your business money as well as reduce the use of fossil fuel.

2. No fertilizer or pesticides

With fake grass you do not have to maintain a schedule of fertilizing or uses pesticides to keep your grass area healthy. This reduces harmful runoff into lakes, rivers, etc, that house wildlife or into drinking water sources.

3. No watering

There is no need to water fake grass. Since there is no need to water fake grass, your company will reduce its water consumption. This will save your company money and save our precious water source. This is especially important in desert and drought prone areas.

4. Little if any weeds

When fake grass or artificial turf is professionally installed by expert turf installers like Golf Greens Texas, a weed barrier is laid down during the installation process. The weedbarrier prevents weeds from going up through the turf. This also allows for the well manicured landscape that provides a beautiful an welcoming aesthetic outside your commercial property with minimal maintenance required.

5. No mud puddles

Properly installed fake grass drains well and does not flood. And unlike with real grass, fake grass doesn’t get muddy during a rain shower. Patrons of your establishment do not have to worry about stepping in muddy puddles outside of your business and you don’t have to worry about them tracking in mud or grass blades.

6. Maintains manicured look year round

No matter what season or what the weather has been like, fake grass remains perfectly green all year long. It always looks freshly cut, providing a beautiful landscape for your commercial property.

7. Resists wear and tear from foot traffic

Fake grass has a lifetime expectancy to outlive its 15 year warranty. It is sturdy and heavy duty. With heavy foot traffic you will not get the bare spots that appear in real grass from being frequently trampled on.


Where to Install Fake Grass at Your Commercial Property

Here are some common commercial applications of artificial turf.

  1. Dog parks and dog islands outside of retail areas, Veterinary Offices, Dog Groomer’s and Boarding Facilities
  2. Under large covered areas where rain and sunlight are not sufficient to grow sod
  3. Areas where mower access is difficult — raised planters, interior courtyards, amenity decks, rooftops and other elevated spaces
  4. Road verges/sidewalk buffers
  5. Courtyard areas
  6. Areas with heavy foot traffic
  7. Anywhere that you want to have a simple but aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance landscape.

Is Fake Grass Right for Your Commercial Property?

Golf Greens Texas’s experienced team of artificial turf experts can help you answer that question today.

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