Golf Greens Texas is proud to announce that we have opened a new LLC —  Artificial Turf Distribution.

Artificial Turf Distribution provides 100% American-made artificial turf products to the public.

Artificial Turf Distribution’s direct sales allow do-it-yourselfers and landscape professionals to get their hands on the best American-made turf available. We have a wide variety of turf to choose from. You are sure to find a style to create the yard and lawn of your dreams.

Besides turf, ATD also offers all supplies needed to do turf installations, from nails and glue to ZeoFill.

With Artificial Turf Distribution products, your DIY artificial lawn will look just as good as a professional installation. Landscape professionals who purchase materials and supplies from ATD will know that they are providing their customers with quality products.

It is our hope that we will be able to reach more customers with the combined focus of Golf Greens Texas and Artificial Turf Distribution. We would like to see more residences and businesses install artificial turf in their yards to help reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers and save the dwindling West Texas Water Supply.

Customers who purchase products from ATD can rest easy knowing that the products they receive are quality, American-made. They support a small, local, family business that shares in the same West Texas values and does business with honesty and integrity. We value our customers and put customer service at the forefront of all our business dealings.

ATD provides direct delivery within the Lubbock Metropolitan area. Shipping is available to other locations.

To view our products, come by our showroom at 7204 Upland Ave. Golf Greens Texas and Artificial Turf Distribution, LLC are located inside the King Nursery. Call us at 806-559-7048 for more information. We look forward to doing business with you.