One question that many people have when they are considering replacing their real grass lawn for an artificial turf lawn is, “How is the turf installed?” Golf Greens Texas has broken down the step-by-step process for you.

Step One

The first step in the artificial turf installation process is to prepare the area where you are installing the turf. This usually includes removing the existing ground cover. In some cases it is necessary to cap off sprinkler heads to disable sprinkler systems.  To remove the existing landscaping or ground cover you can use a sod cutter, skid steer, backhoe or other tractor, or even shovels. This can be a very time consuming and labor-intensive process if there is a lot of preexisting landscaping that needs to be removed. Because a blank canvas area of land is needed to install the artificial turf, the easiest and cheapest time to install fake grass is during a new build process.

Artificial Turf Installation Process, Artificial Turf Installation Process

Step Two

The next step, not every artificial turf company does, but at Golf Greens Texas we believe it is a crucial step. A weedbarrier fabric is laid down on the newly bare surface. The weedbarrier does just what it says. It prevents weeds and grass from growing up through your fake grass. We know that one of the reasons our customers opt to use artificial turf lawn replacements is because it is supposed to be low-maintenance. The customer is not going to want to spend their time pulling out real weeds from their fake grass.

Step Four

After the weedbarrier has been placed, the next step is to fill the area with crushed aggregate – approximately 2”-6” deep. Pack the crushed aggregate down to create a nice smooth surface on which to install the artificial turf. Besides providing a smooth surface for the artificial turf, the crushed aggregate also aids in the drainage process in the instance of rain or other water run-off.

Step Five

Finally, the turf is ready to be unrolled and placed in the designated area. Turf generally comes in 15’ rolls. The turf first must be cut and pieced to fit correctly with all seams and turf grass blade directions placed accordingly.

Step Six

When the turf has been laid the way you want it, it is time to secure the turf into place. A specialized glue is used to secure seams together. Four-inch pole barn nails are used to secure the edges of the artificial turf to the ground, preventing the turf from rolling back up, floating, or blowing away.

Artificial Turf Installation Process, Artificial Turf Installation Process

Step Seven

Spreading the infill is the last step in the artificial turf installation process. Sand infill is used to help hold up the individual turf grass blades, as well as, to weigh down the turf – another insurance to prevent the turf from budging from its intended location.

A specialized infill is also available for deodorizing purposes. Zeofill is used for backyards that house dogs or other animals. When the Zeofill gets wet, it activates and prevents odor.

Get Your Artificial Turf Installed

With these steps you know the basics of how to install artificial turf, but the process is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and can require a lot of attention to detail, and experience.

Have the trained professionals at Golf Greens Texas do all the hard work for you. Give them a call today at 806-559-7048.