Artificial Lawn vs. Traditional Lawn: Why get Artificial Turf?

artificial vs traditional lawn

Why suffer through routine lawn maintenance when you have a million other things you could be doing? With artificial turf, you can relax on your nights and your weekends without having to sweat in the southern heat watering while mowing your lawn. Traditional lawns may wear and tear during times of severe weather or puppy play time. These are just … Read More

Pet-Friendly Artificial Lawns

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pet Owners Artificial grass has many benefits for homeowners. If you have pets, then you may even see more benefits with artificial grass. Many people don’t know how pets will react to artificial grass. Contrary to popular belief, artificial grass is 100% safe for kids and dogs to play on! Not only is it safe, … Read More

Kid-Friendly Lawns!

Lawns That Play Nice With the Kids! The first thought that usually comes to mind when the word “artificial” is thrown out there is, “is it safe for my family?” And in most cases that worry is justified… except when it comes to artificial lawns! In fact, when it comes to having a turf lawn, it happens to be the … Read More

Improve Your Short Game With a Backyard Putting Green

As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect!” Well, imagine the opportunity to be able to practice your golf game in your backyard; not only putting, but your whole short game. Even if you aren’t the biggest golf fanatic, but you enjoy hosting a good outdoor gathering, then installing a backyard putting green is something to consider. It’s great for … Read More

Spruce Up Your Yard with Concrete Curbing

Are you looking to spruce up your yard but aren’t sure which route to take? Concrete curbing is an up and coming alternative to plastic or metal edging around a flower garden or foundation. Not only does it add beauty to the yard and add a distinct look to the home, but it also serves as a successful root barrier … Read More

Summer DIY Projects for Your Lawn

Summer has officially commenced, which means planting season has as well.  If you’re wanting to host outdoor gatherings or just want to make sure your yard will survive the Texas heat, it is important to have a healthy yard. This is arguably the best time to enjoy the outdoors and re-do the lawn. The yard is meant to be a … Read More

Why Artificial Grass Lawns are the Next Best Thing

As a homeowner, it is important to be proud of your home and that includes your lawn. The yard is what gives the first impression to visitors and completes the overall look of a house. A lawn should be aesthetically pleasing and a place for family and friends to relax. Though the price of artificial grass may seem steep, it … Read More

5 Signs That it is Time For a Lawn Makeover

Every home owner knows that having a lawn is both a blessing and a curse. It is the first impression that people have as they walk up to your doorstep. A lawn is a blessing because it is something you can call your own and you can tailor your lawn to suit your personality and needs. However, when life gets … Read More