Anybody with a lawn mower, some tools, and a truck can call themselves a landscaper. They can pass out flyers and drum up some business. That’s fine if you just need someone to keep your yard under control, but if you have a large landscaping project or want artificial turf installed you need professionals who know what they are doing — a quality artificial turf company.

Golf Greens Texas has been in the artificial turf business since 2007 and expanded into landscaping soon after. When we first opened for business we were the only company in Lubbock installing artificial turf. However, as artificial turf lawns grew in popularity other landscaping companies jumped on the band wagon.

It has now become common for customers to receive quotes from multiple companies who claim to be able to install an artificial turf lawn and perform large landscape projects. When we perform these estimates for customers, we know that we will likely not be the least expensive quote that they receive. We do our best to explain to the clients that we are experts in artificial turf. We use quality American made products, we have a 15-year manufacturer warranty along with our company warranty, and we do not take short cuts in the installation process. We make sure that it is done right. We are a quality artificial turf company first and a landscaping company second.

Because we take out time to do the job right and we use quality products, we are not the cheapest or the fastest company. Unfortunately, this occasionally leads to potential customers choosing to go with other companies.

When they do, sometimes they are happy with the work and products and sometimes we receive messages like this one:

Quality Artificial Turf Company, Choose a Quality Artificial Turf Company

In the worst instances, we get called back to either fix or completely replace the work that the other companies have done.

The simple fact of the matter is that the majority of these companies are not experts in the installation of artificial turf. They were small landscaping or mowing companies that decided to add artificial turf as one of their services to try to get in on that part of the market. They were not trained to install artificial turf. They are not an artificial turf company.

When you meet with companies to receive installation quotes, ask questions to find out how knowledgeable they are. Ask about the installation process. Ask for warranty information. Ask about what kind of products they use and where they get the products from. Ask how long they have been installing turf. Ask for references from past customers. Ask if the company has insurance to protect yourself and the company’s workers during the installation process.

When it comes to big landscaping and artificial turf installation projects the cheapest option isn’t always the best option. Don’t get left with buyer’s remorse at the end of your lawn makeover.