DIY Garden Projects for September

September is right around the corner, which means the fall and winter temperatures and weather are too. The early days of September are the perfect time to prepare for the weather and winter months ahead. Whether you’re preparing your garden for the cold weather or getting ready for a fresh start, September can be a productive gardening month. You’ll have plenty of time to winterize your garden before it’s too late.

Cut Back on Fertilization

The point of fertilizers is to fuel the growth of plants, but many go into an inactive state in cold weather. Unless it is warm during the winter months, using fertilizer isn’t recommended. However, mulching and watering plants thoroughly during the winter season will protect plants that could suffer root damage due to climate change. It’s important to do this before winter arrives so that the root systems have food throughout the winter. It will also protect them from the cold, freezing ground.

Planting Winter Plants

In September, start conditioning winter plants such as Christmas cacti, poinsettias, and hollies. These plants can withstand the weather and will add a sense of season and hint of color to your yard throughout the snowy months. Winter plants such as these require up to fifteen hours of darkness and around ten hours of light each day. The amount of light exposure is what helps the progress of growing flowers, buds, and colored leaves. Other plants that are not meant for colder weather will wilt and wither away, so it’s better off to clear out the more fragile, warm weather plants.

Design Your Ultimate Garden Look

Autumn is the best time to determine the way you want your garden to appear during the winter and spring. Make a planting strategy so that different plants peak through seasons when others die off. Winter gardens should have colorful branches, but be able to last in the cold temperatures. It is also an ideal time to cut back branches that are rubbing against each other or crossing. This helps restore the natural form of the tree. Planning out ahead of time when you will plant each season’s plants, flowers and shrubs will make it easy for your garden to reach its full potential. Planting during the middle of the prior season will yield the best results.

Fall Vegetables

Autumn is a critical time to harvest fruits and vegetables. When it comes to making sure they are ripe; it’s important to pay close attention, because if you allow it to go past its peak most will lose their flavor. You can check three simple ways; by the appearance, by feel or by taste. Many vegetables can be stored during the winter in a cold dark space.
Lawn Care
One of the best times, if not the best, for seeding, sodding or over seeding is September. Fall fertilizing helps root growth throughout the winter season as well as keeping it healthy and looking nice. This helps fill in the bare spots and crowd out weeds.