Lawns That Play Nice With the Kids!

The first thought that usually comes to mind when the word “artificial” is thrown out there is, “is it safe for my family?” And in most cases that worry is justified… except when it comes to artificial lawns! In fact, when it comes to having a turf lawn, it happens to be the exact opposite. Not only is an artificial lawn chemical free, but it is also free from disease potential and extreme wear. Here are a few of the benefits an artificial lawn from Golf Greens of Texas has for you and your family.

No Chemicals.

Our hassle-free lawns are free from potentially hazardous chemicals such as, pesticides, weed repellants, fertilizers, and so many other harmful chemicals that accompany everyday lawn maintenance. With a Golf Greens of Texas artificial lawn, you can breathe easy knowing your children are playing on grass that is completely chemical free.

No Disease Potential.

Say goodbye to itchy grass! Our artificial lawns prevent pesky bugs and insects from setting up camp in your front or back yard. Normally accustomed to the cool, soil rich habitats found within a real lawn, pests and insects seek them out as a permanent home first. Most lawns are a breeding ground for all walks of disease carrying mites, bugs and bacteria. But with an artificial lawn, that count can quickly go from rampant, to almost non-existent. Not only are the disease potentials lowered from the lack of chemicals, but also from the lack of pests, bacteria, and parasites.

It’s tough.

Artificial turf in your front or backyard means your lawns durability just went from almost uncertain to a certified 8-15 years. Heavily walked on or used patches of grass by your children, pets, and family are easily visible and noticed with a real lawn. However, a lawn from Golf Greens secures an esthetic that looks like it could last forever. Sleep soundly knowing that your kids can run, jump, slip and slide on your lawn without the fear of divots, dirt, or damage!

No Mowing.

Our hassle free turf lawns ensure a flawless look without the heavy maintence that comes with it. Spend more time enjoying the backyard with your friends and family than on the work and expense that comes with mowing and taking care of it! Experience and enjoy that “just cut” appearance without having to miss out on the moments that used to be wasted trying to maintain it.

No Watering.

An artificial lawn doesn’t require or waste any water. Maintaining a healthy and real lawn can quickly rack up charges on your family’s water bill. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing your lawn won’t die or dry up, you’ll also have peace of mind the next time you see your water bill. An artificial lawn is not just better for the environment it’s better for you wallet. You shouldn’t have to waste water or your money on a real lawn. Call Golf Greens for a quote today!