Your lawn is one of the most important parts of your house. But what if you just don’t have the budget for fancy rocks, trees and waterfalls? We’re here to tell you that even though you don’t have a big and fancy budget, you can still have a lawn that exceeds expectations. All it takes is a little hard work, dedication and imagination. Here are some tips to take your lawn from average to exceptional without spending a fortune.

Understand Your Landscape

Every lawn has different growing habits based on the amount of shade, quality of soil, and other factors. Knowing what part of your lawn will grow and what parts of your lawn will struggle is essential when purchasing flowers, trees, grass and other decorations. If you don’t evaluate your landscape, then you may spend extra money on plants that will die within a few weeks.

Find Cheap but Pretty Flowers

Not all flower beds have to have the flashy and expensive flowers in them. In fact, there are many flowers that you can get very cheap that still look really nice. Where you buy these flowers also can save you money. You don’t have to go to a fancy landscaping shop to find flowers that work for you. You can find quality flowers at your local Home Depot, Walmart or Sam’s Club.

Do it Yourself

An easy way to save a lot of money on landscape is to do it yourself instead of hiring people to do it for you. Look up videos of how to properly plant and take care of your lawn without the assistance of expensive installation services. Lawns are made up of flower beds, rocks and trees that are all capable of being planted by you. You can even invite your friends over for grilling in exchange for lawn help!

Kill Weeds

Weeds will be a part of every lawn whether you like it or not. But investing time and money in killing weeds may help you save money in the long run. Just like your plants, weeds are using your lawn’s resources. Because of this, you may find your plants dying faster than what you expected. When you invest a little money in killing weeds, and you won’t have to spend money replacing the plants in future.

Artificial Turf

You’re probably thinking, “Artificial turf? That just sounds expensive.” Well, you’re not entirely wrong. But you’re not entirely correct either. While installing artificial turf is a large up front installation payment, you have the opportunity save big in the long run. Artificial turf means no expenses on maintenance such as fertilizers, sprinkler systems (which saves money on your water bill), and other maintenance costs. It won’t take long for your artificial turf installation to pay off in the long run.


Having a good looking lawn doesn’t have to require a big and fancy budget. A lot of good lawns come from do it yourself projects. However, every project should begin with planning out what will work best for your lawn. After you have figured out what you need, you should compare prices of materials between stores to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Proper lawn maintenance, including killing weeds, may cost money up front, but it will save you big money in the end. Finally, consider switching to artificial grass to cut water bill costs and long-term maintenance costs.