A Mini Landscaping Lesson

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Landscaping has often been likened to the painting of a picture. If you’ve ever taken any art or painting classes your instructor has doubtless told you that a good picture should have a point of chief interest, and the rest of the points simply go to make more beautiful the central idea, or to form a fine setting for it. It is similar in landscaping. Within the gardener’s or landscaper’s mind there must be a picture of what he or she desires the whole picture to be when the landscape project is complete.

Should you include lots of bare open lawn in your landscaping theme? A large expanse of open luscious green lawn space is always beautiful. It is restful and classic.

This type of open landscaping adds a feeling of space even to small areas. If you cover your yard with many trees and lots of little flower beds here and there, the general effect is choppy and fussy. A bit like an over-dressed person with too many accessories. Not the most visually appealing result from your landscaping efforts.

When landscaping, a single tree or a small group is not a bad arrangement on the lawn. Do not center the tree or trees. Let them drop a bit into the background. Make a pleasing side feature of them. In choosing trees for your landscaping project, keep in mind a number of things. You should not choose an overpowering tree. The tree should have a good shape, with something interesting about its bark, leaves, flowers, or fruit. Of course, you must also consider which trees work well in your environment, whether they need to be drought resistant or work well in humid and rainy climates. Can tolerate heat or extreme cold.

For the beauty of landscaping, the catalpa is quite lovely by itself. Its leaves are broad, its flowers attractive, the seed pods which cling to the tree until way into the winter, add a bit of picturesqueness. The bright berries of the ash, the brilliant foliage of the sugar maple, the blossoms of the tulip tree, the bark of the white birch, and the leaves of the copper beech all these are examples of the type of aesthetic you can consider when planning your overall landscaping arrangement.

Landscaping may follow along very formal lines or along informal lines. The first would have straight paths, straight rows in stiff beds, everything, as the name tells, perfectly formal. The other method is, of course, the exact opposite creating a more natural and flowy design. When choosing formal or informal lines it is a good idea to consider the style and lines of your home and match the styles accordingly.

In conclusion of our Mini Landscaping Lesson, in order to create a landscape design that is as pretty as a painting, plan for classic open lawn spaces and keep a visually appealing tree to blend in the background. Think balance when choosing formal or informal lines, and you will come up with a beautiful landscaping design for your yard.

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