Finding the Right Landscape Company for You

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Spring is officially here, and it is time to really start thinking about your lawns and landscape. Not everyone has time to dedicate to yard work, but they still want to have a nice outdoor area. For people who haven’t the time, or energy, or people who just don’t like to do yard work, they call upon landscape companies to manage their landscaping for them. But how do you know which landscape company to choose?

Here are a few helpful tips to make sure you choose the right landscape company for you and your landscape needs.


What do you really want or need?

Some landscapes are beautiful as they are, but the owners sometimes just want to add new appeal to their homes, so they choose to have a landscape redesign job done. Be sure that you have already identified what you want in the landscape design. This should be in your preparatory plan before you even speak to a professional contractor. Once you have your plans you can present them to the contractor to see if everything will work and is possible. When you know exactly what it is you want done you can confirm with the contractors you speak to that this is the type of work they are capable of doing. For example, if you want a lot of landscape curbing or hardscape work done, but the contractor you contacted only does flowers or sod installs, it is important to know that information ahead of time. Or, do you just need simple lawn care services to keep your grass and weeds from growing out of control? Not all landscape designers offer lawn services and not all lawn service companies do landscape design.


Set a firm budget.

Next you should prepare your budget. Will your dream garden be feasible? Is it practical or do you need to make some adjustments or compromises? The best thing is that you know what you want and are able to identify alternatives if your budget fails to accommodate your vision. With the plans and budget in place things tend to be easier when negotiating with the contractor. The landscaper will ensure that this project will meet your budget and assure that it will look closely to what you are expecting.  Be sure to get accurate measurements so that materials do not accidentally go over budget.  Some contractors like to give you the best price in the estimate but find out later that they can’t provide all the material at the quote given.  Which brings us to the next step, get references!


Get references.

Know the landscape companies that you are contacting and negotiate with them. Gauge their level of experience and the quality work by asking for photos or tours of their previous projects. You should also ask for references and their professional affiliations.  Make sure the company is a legitimate company and that everything is written down.  Without written proof of the agreed upon services it is difficult to prove if you are not happy in the end.  Unfortunately landscaping and lawn services are an industry that is easy for anyone to get into and say that they are qualified to take care of your lawn. It just requires a few basic pieces of equipment to get started, which means there are a lot of fly by night landscape and lawn companies. This means it is up to you, the customer, to make sure that you do your research on the company and contractor before you hire them.

When it comes to hiring the right landscape company for you it all boils down to good planning, asking questions, and getting documentation. If you have a solid plan and ask the right questions you will end up with an exceptional landscape and lawn service.

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