Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pet Owners

Artificial grass has many benefits for homeowners. If you have pets, then you may even see more benefits with artificial grass. Many people don’t know how pets will react to artificial grass. Contrary to popular belief, artificial grass is 100% safe for kids and dogs to play on! Not only is it safe, but as a pet owner and dog lover, installing an artificial lawn may just make your life easier. Here are some reasons that installing an artificial lawn can benefit you and your pet.

Less Damage

We have all seen videos of dogs running through garden beds where they spread dirt everywhere and tear up your lawn. No matter how big the dog, an artificial lawn can withstand all of the running, jumping and ball throwing that you do with your pet. The artificial blades will not be damaged at all whereas with real grass, you may need to replace grass to make it look new.

Less Cleanup

With artificial grass that has a proper drainage system, you don’t have to worry about a messy clean up when your put uses the bathroom. With a proper drainage system, your artificial grass will stay clean no matter how many times your dog goes on your lawn. Also, it’s an easy cleanup when dogs poop on the lawn. If you are having problems cleaning up after your dog, create a space specifically where the dog can poop.

Less Holes

Dogs love digging. That’s a fact. No matter how hard or persistent your dog is, he or she will not be able to dig through the artificial lawn. The lawn will be just strong enough to not get torn up, and the lawn will be soft enough to not hurt the dog’s claws.

More Fun

Having an artificial lawn may mean more fun in the sun for you and your pets. With Golf Green’s pet area installations, you and your dog can roll around together outside without getting dirty and muddy. You don’t need to worry about bugs and dirt. Having artificial grass prevents both bugs and dirt from getting in your lawn. Artificial grass is extremely soft, so your dogs will love rolling around on it while you get some sun and exercise!


Pet owners know that having a dog can sometimes mean trouble for their lawns. With an artificial lawn from Golf Greens Texas that is not the case. Artificial lawns provide easy clean up, less damage, fewer holes from digging, and allow for more fun between you and your pets. Install an artificial lawn or an artificial pet area today and let the fun and stress-free lawn maintenance begin!