Artificial Grass Playgrounds

Artificial Turf for Playground Surfaces

We know safety is the main priority when it comes to creating a fun playground for children to use. Being that injuries are something that happen often with children, it can be extremely important to include artificial turf to their play area. Adding artificial turf can cut down on the amount of injuries and even give parents peace of mind when their children are playing.

Artificial Grass Playgrounds are Durable and Safe

Artificial grass has soft material that works great for reducing the amount of injuries children can get while playing. Artificial turf can cut down of everything from minor cuts and bruises, to even cutting down on the amount of broken bones. Also, we have foam pad that can be installed underneath the synthetic turf to provide more cushion for those accidental falls.

Benefits of Artificial Turf Play Areas:

  • Our artificial turf can be installed with soft padding to accommodate your fall height
  • All of our surfaces are non-allergenic
  • Drainage rate of 30 inches per hour allows turf to dry quickly for safe play
  • The wear and tear caused to natural grass by heavy foot traffic is not an issues with synthetic grass
  • Perfect for residential or commercial play areas
  • Save on water and maintenance costs

Financing is available, subject to approved credit. Ask for details.