Are you looking to spruce up your yard but unsure which route to take? Concrete curbing is an up-and-coming alternative to plastic or metal edging around a flower garden or foundation. Not only does it add beauty to the yard and add a distinct look to the home, but it also serves as a successful root barrier for both sod and seeded grasses. It will not decompose like wood, rust like steel, shift like brick, or break like plastic. It also adds depth and dimension to your yard, giving it an aesthetically pleasing look.

When deciding what is best for your yard, it is important to note that each curbing job is customized to your yard’s shape and your preference. Since the edging is concrete, it can follow any bend or curve you wish to design.  No two yards will look the same and there are many different design options, including the ability to design a custom plan yourself. Once you’ve decided on the look, the process itself only requires a day to complete.

This small job is also a solution to a long-term project. With concrete curbing, you will no longer have to worry about replacing damaged or rusted edging. It also will not shift or allow weeds to grow through the curbing. Sometimes, a homeowner may no longer have to weed because the concrete curbing has eliminated weeds from growing entirely.

Concrete curbing can be used in many ways, such as a sidewalk border and putting greens. It can create a makeshift walkway, driveway paths, boulders, etc. It is economical because it is a permanent finishing touch and a one-time cost. You do not have to keep up with it or replace it as needed. It will reduce time-consuming yard work that is very unenjoyable while increasing your property value. Talk about two birds with one stone!

Now, as mentioned earlier, the process only takes about a day. First, ground preparation must be completed to prepare the yard for curbing installation. We must dig about two and a half inches to create the border. However, this will not disrupt the already existing landscape. Then, the mixture of concrete and color creates a strong, durable material that will hold up every season. Coloring is iron oxide pigments mixed in with the concrete during mixing to aid lifetime color. The materials will look similar to wet sand, though it is a dry mix. After mixing, it is fed into the machine and poured along the landscape border. The crew will finish the installation using either trowels or a stamping procedure.

Once installed, the upkeep is very manageable. The curbing can withstand the weight of your mower, and the blades of your mower will not damage the curbing, so you can mow up against it, which means less time weeding or not at all. Also, it does not need to be sprayed or misted with water.

The curbing has a one-year warranty for defects in materials. It will be replaced for free if the problem is caused by the materials used to install or how it was installed.