Do you have a pool in your backyard? Do you love getting to take a cool dip during the hot summer but hate constantly having to clean grass out of the pool? Do your kids get grass stuck to the bottoms of their wet feet and track it into your home? Do you want the pool and a clean home but more than just concrete in your yard? An artificial turf lawn is the answer to your prayers.

Why does artificial turf work so well around pools?

More Attractive Landscape

Artificial turf lawns offer a more attractive and welcoming landscape than concrete. Also, if your pool is surrounded by real grass, the chlorine-laced water may be splashed onto it, killing the grass or causing ugly brown patches, mud, and trampled sod. Artificial turf lawns will stay green and attractive no matter how much pool water is splashed on it.


Artificial turf is a softer material to surround the pool than concrete. Slipping is always a concern around pools, which can cause skinned knees or worse. Along with being softer artificial turf is also not as slippery as concrete.

Cleaner and Less Maintenance

Pools come with a lot of maintenance. Debris needs to be kept out of pools to keep the pool working properly (and no one likes swimming in a dirty pool). If your pool is surrounded by a yard of real grass, you will have a pool filled with floating grass blades and dirt. The grass and dirt in your pool will need cleaned out by someone, either yourself or a cleaning service. Pool cleaning can be costly. Not only will the grass and dirt end up in your pool, but it will also get tracked into your home. Save yourself time and money on cleaning your pool and home by having an artificial turf lawn installed.

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