One of the biggest benefits of installing an artificial turf lawn is that it is low-maintenance. But while your new fake grass doesn’t require the same amount of work as real sod, it does require a little tending to now and then to keep your lawn’s pleasing aesthetic. One of the tasks that is still required after installing an artificial turf lawn is the removal of fall debris – raking leaves.

There are several ways you can remove fallen leaves and other debris from your artificial turf lawn without damaging it. First, note that it is recommended that you pick up any larger debris such as post-storm twigs and branches as quickly as possible in order to prevent any damage to the turf material.

Leaf and Debris Removal Options

Rakes and Brooms

A metal or bamboo leaf rake is a good option to lift and pull debris from the surface and from between the blades of your artificial turf lawn. Or you can buy a rake made specifically for artificial turf. These rakes have nylon tines. You can find the rakes here. Another option to remove fall leaves and debris is to use a push broom to pile up these leaves. Lawn rakes, brushes and brooms not only remove debris, they help keep the infill from becoming compacted deep in the synthetic material.

Blowers and Vacuums

You can make the leaf and debris removal process faster and easier by using a leaf blower for dry debris. However, this isn’t the best choice if leaves are wet, since they are heavier and tend to stick together in clumps. In that case, you can try using your shop vac instead. Shop vacs and turf vacs have the added advantage of capturing the leaves, dirt and debris as you vacuum. Another option is a turf vac designed exactly for this purpose. If you use a shop vac or air blower, be sure to use the low setting, so you don’t disturb the infill.

Power Brooms

The final option for do-it-yourself debris removal from your artificial turf lawn is a power broom. Like shop vacuums or turf vacuums, the power broom picks up debris as you sweep, making it even easier to dispose of the rubbish. A power broom will leave your fake grass looking great, too as it will fluff your artificial turf lawn blades during use. You can also use the machine on your driveway and sidewalks. Better yet, if you’re a power tool aficionado, there are additional attachments you can get that make quick work of other outdoor home-related tasks.

Leave it to the Professionals

If none of the above options sound like the right choice for you, there is one more option. Leave it to the professionals at Golf Greens Texas to take care of your fall lawn debris. Call 806-559-7048 today and ask for our Fall Cleanup! We will keep your artificial turf lawn looking Golf Greens Great!