As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect!” Well, imagine the opportunity to practice your golf game in your backyard; not only putting but your whole short game. Even if you aren’t the biggest golf fanatic but enjoy hosting a good outdoor gathering, installing a backyard putting green is something to consider.

It’s great for entertaining, bringing people together, and enhancing your golf skills. All that is needed to install putting greens conveniently in your backyard is 300 square feet. Our products are custom designed and we can install just about anything in any space available, regardless of how small or restricted you feel your space may be. All greens are custom-designed to fit your wants and needs.

In order to decide what material would be best to make the turf out of, our engineers spent countless hours and money studying nylon versus polypropylene. They discovered that nylon does not drain nearly as well. It is not good for water to be retained in the turf because it will lose its integrity and begin to mold, which in turn, will cause the surface to break and fall apart. So, our turf is made out of polypropylene, which we fully stand behind and believe is the best product for you.

The outdoor putting surface and service we provide is the product of three years and lots of money spent researching and developing in order to find the perfect combination of materials, installation technique, and manufacturing process. All decisions were based on providing our customers with the best and most reliable service and materials.

Before you can customize your space, you must first decide where you want to put it, indoor or outdoor and where. When customizing your putting green, the first step is to decide if you just want simple putting greens to short game practice facilities. We are able to control the speed of the green, design your contours, slopes, and tiers to make it how you want as well as how difficult or easy you want your putting green to be. The turf is multi-directional so it is consistent in all directions. After you’ve designed and ordered your putting green, we will deliver and install it.

The synthetic golf green offers a non-directional true roll putt from any angle and captures the true essence of a natural putting green. Having a putting green in your backyard will make you feel as if it’s the real deal!